Leah Yassky

is a movement artist
in NYC
finding range
in the rodeo. 

i n f o
p r o j e c t s
y o g a

ig: @yas.sky

Leah Yassky  

i n f o  ——  p r o j e c t s —— y o g a 

Babe Club “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Music Video

Movement Direction by LY.

After a few months of private movement lessons with Jenna Desmond of Babe Club, we built a movement language together to evolve her performance presense. From there, I taught the whole cast a dance phrase for each chorus. 

April 2023

Written and Produced by Jenna Desmond & Corey Campbell
Directed by Georgia VanNewkirk
Director of Photography - Dries Vandenberg
Movement Director - Leah Yassky
Additional Lighting - Sean Money & Elizabeth Faye
BTS Video - Nick Samuels
On Set Photographers - Elizabeth Faye, Sean Money, Mikayla Didonato
PA - Raquel Dubal, Mikayla Didonato

Sylvia Smithers by Maari Suorsa
Daisy Dew by Jenna Desmond
Antoni Medici by Julius DeAngelis
Ernest Doberman by Corey Campbell
Charlotte Brunswick by Gervais Hagerty
Skaer D’ennette by Bailey Bial
Hector Goodman Jr. by Henry Riggs