Leah Yassky

is a movement artist
in NYC
finding range
in the rodeo. 

i n f o
p r o j e c t s
y o g a

ig: @yas.sky

Leah Yassky  

i n f o  ——  p r o j e c t s —— y o g a 

Moto(r)mami Photoshoot
Movement Direction by LY

Shot at Pier59 Studios, Hee Eun Chung’s vision is inspired by a Rosalía performance. I transformed the dancers into a motorcycle, and then we all rode into the sunset. (I’m the front wheel.)

May 2023

@ellie.love @chubbyfart
Lighting Assistants:
@bigdipper9000 @megmccstudio
Production Assistant:
Main Model:
Lead Dance Coordinator:
@coodayonce @joy_means_gippeum @lauradetrow@youlmaekim  @monolid_angel_eyes__s @yas.sky
 Hair Artist:
Lead Body MUA:
Assistant Body MUA:
Lead Stylist/Model Makeup Collaborator:
Jewelry Designer:
Nail Artist: