Leah Yassky

is a movement artist
in NYC
finding range
in the rodeo. 

i n f o
p r o j e c t s
y o g a

ig: @yas.sky

Leah Yassky  

i n f o  ——  p r o j e c t s —— y o g a 

Weaving Distance

Directing, Choreography by LY

Oberlin Dance Thesis Video
This came together in a few weeks after my thesis show was cancelled and my dancers had to leave campus during my senior spring (March 2020). Whattta trip! We made do. I am grateful for this project, which I did to distract from feeling the loss of my Big Thesis Performance. Here, I am considering distance, longing, and routine. 

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Spring 2020

Leah Yassky
Leah Yassky
Amy Baylis, Charlotte Price, Elia Tzoukermann, Georgie Johnson, Izzy Rosenstein
Audio Engineering:
Kari Watson, Marly Gonzalez
Camera Assistance:
Anna Polacek
Holly Handman-Lopez